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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In March Kolombo had a gig in town. Belgium, the mostly deep house dj made the crowd go mad.
I started liking him a lot after I won a mixed cd compiled by him. With tunes of his own and from other djs, the aprox. 1 hour long set makes you bounce even if you are in front of your pc, my case writing this post.
Below one of his many amazing tracks (SoundCloud). Check also the rest of them in his SoundCloud page.

Kolombo - What could make me think - Loulou rec

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Local Name

Wesley Ruschel ( is an affluent Dj based in Porto Alegre - Brazil. As usual, I looked for his music prior going to a party he was going to play. His main lines are more into electro and progressive.
Below I post one of his remixes that in my opinion pumped the crowd the most. Luckily, the song is available to download.

Afrojack ft. Nirvana - Replica Like Teen Spirit (Wesley Ruschel & Twice Nice 'Pink & Black' Mashup)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Phonique in town

On July 13, the awarded Deep House Dj Phonique (Germany - had a gig At Havana Café, the best club in my hometown (Caxias do Sul - Brazil). Quite an attraction for a city that years ago would never have been a stop for sucj a name.
And he did what he was expected to and more. He threw a set of believe it, 7 hours non stop. The vibe of the crowd was amazing and nobody could stop moving.
Below follows the only two videos I found of him djing at this party branded "Colours", which is the best I've been going in the region.
Memorable event!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So it began!

So a Warehouse Party (like those thrown in London to scape curfews and other constraints) was going to be held in Farroupilha - Brazil, and the announced attraction was Daniel Bortz, a german dj unknown back then by me.
So I looked for his music and found it ok. The point is that at the party itself I was with almost all my best friends and when one of his songs that I could remember was played I just felt so good and happy to be there that it became a mark to me. This song was responsible for the beginning of my consciousness and love for Deep House, which I had already been listening to but not really dug into its powerful beats.
Check it out.

                                          DANIEL BORTZ - CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT